3 Blue Chip ADA NFTs (Cardano NFT Ecosystem Exploding)

NFTs have continued to be a point of conversation everywhere you go, and it doesnt seem like that trend is slowing down at all. We are seeing new NFT ecosystems pop up everyday on different blockchains, and one of the newest budding ecosystems is on Cardano.

In this video I show you 3 ADA NFTs I think could be official Blue Chips.

0:00:00 Setup
0:00:28 Intro
0:01:55 Boss Cat Rocket Club
0:05:42 SpaceBud
0:07:13 Clay Nation
0:09:06 Breakdown

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Boss Cat Rocket Club
Founded by the member of the BAYC community, known as Blue Magic, BAYC Ape #4064, the Boss Cat Rocket Club is a finite supply of 9,999 algorithmically generated space bound cats living on the Cardano Blockchain.

With massively inflated gas fees now on Ethereum, the decision was made to launch on the emerging Cardano Blockchain where we believe our project will be far more accessible to everyone.

is an NFT platform on the Cardano blockchain. 10,000 SpaceBudz are in existence and each astronaut is unique and only owned by you. Animals, robots and other mysterious creatures with different features and properties await you!

NFTs fundamentally change how people can collect and trade art. We strongly believe that it’s here to stay. Everyone can build up a digital collection and share it with others. SpaceBudz leverages this experience with the use of the Cardano multi asset ledger.

Clay Nation
is a space to celebrate unbounded individuality, to bask in positivity and to party in peace.
Full ownership and commercial usage rights of all 1 of 1 Clay Nation characters are granted to the respective NFT owner. The same applies to Clay Nation x Good Charlotte 1 of 1 pieces – with the exception of pieces with Good Charlotte logos. We do not grant permission to reproduce our logos for any reason without explicit permission. We encourage sustainable choices in production processes and materials

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