3 Solana NFTs That Could 10X In 2022

Even though the overall Crypto market has not been performing that well, we are seeing the opposite happen in NFTs right now. I think we are entering another NFT bull run, and in this video I show you 3 Solana based NFTs that could be your next best investment!

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0:00:24 Intro
0:01:42 Enviro
0:04:27 BotBorgs
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0:10:19 Breakdown

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Existing as an NFT, enviro is a customizable art gallery, that can display a wide range of digital media (including other NFTs), still images and streaming video in a variety of settings, ranging from intimate to professional. Built on the cutting edge Unreal Engine 5, enviro features an explorable high-resolution photorealistic 3-dimensional gallery space with adjustable lighting and customisable furniture along with a suite of photography tools.

Art in NFTs is one of the most innovative and promising areas in all of cryptocurrency. However they are also probably the most riskiest to invest in with the high likelihood that many valuations will be much lower in the future. For every Fidenza* there are hundreds of other art projects with little or no value. So with that thought aside, where does Parametrise and enviro fit into all of this? In a sense, enviro itself is not directly an art project but rather a utility metaverse project aimed at adding more customisation to an owner’s digital identity. We believe there is a fairly large demographic of users, groups and/ or institutions

The Borgverse Is Our Take On A Sci-Fi Themed Metaverse Built On A Multi-Planetary System. Our Goal Is To Make Every Single Planet A Completely Different And Unique Experience For Users Within The Game. By Doing This, Players Are Bound To Find Something They Enjoy And Are Willing To Spend Their Time On Playing. When Building Out Planets We Break Them Into 3 Categories Which Are Community, Pvp, And Solo.

Community Planets : These Are Multiplayer Planets That Act As Safe Zones Within The Borgverse. Players That Land On These Planets Are Safe From Other Users And Are Not Able To Die/Inflict Damage. Our Galleries Are Examples Of Community Planets. On The Gallery Planets Users Are Able To Walk Around And Interact With Each Other Through A Chatting System. Aside From Ptp Interaction, Users Are Also Able To Interact With Various Npcs

Quantum Traders are an alien droid race that doesn’t necessarily come from the future, as they’re unbound by time. They came to us to defend our world from digital terrorists (read: scammers), and after stabilizing our economy and trade routes, these merchants taught us to use the currency of the Quantum Realm, $YAW tokens, for all of our gaming and trading.

The Role of NFTs in the new age of the internet
The dawn of cryptocurrency made a way for internet users to transact value globally, instantly, and without a third-party intermediary. The implications of this technological advancement are incalculable, but so far it has only made a small dent in the world that it is sure to move altogether.
With the advent of NFTs, the same ability to transact value internationally and instantly applies, but with a new key concept: sociality.
To understand the importance of sociality, one has to look no further than his local pub. One study describes the social value of these establishments:
One of the most important contributions pubs make to local community life is that they act as hubs for the development of social networks between local people. Our national opinion poll found that outside the home the pub scored the highest of any location as a place where people meet and get together with others in their neighborhood.

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