5 Wearable NFTs to 10X Your Wardrobe

What’s more fashionable than NFTs? Take a look at 5 Wearable NFT projects that can 10x your wardrobe. Also 2 honorable mentions that aren’t wearable but are linked to IRL goods.

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NFT and RFID connectivity
Each Solshades holder will have the opportunity to receive the physical version for each pair of ownership soon after launch with proof of ownership. Each pair comes with an integrated RFID chip connecting the shades to its corresponding NFT on the blockchain. No more flaunting your NFT soley in your wallet, wear it with pride and show it off with a phone’s tap away.
The Future of Wearable in the Metaverse
So what does this mean? We have a vision to help lead the journey of wearable tech. There’s no doubt the future of our world is heading straight into the

In recent years, we can observe a new, strong trend emerging. The trend of owning somehow unique, often limited and distinctive items. Having an extraordinary piece of clothing, old wine or a pair of shoes from a special collection has become a reason to feel pride. All this is driven by the desire to stand out from the crowd, demonstrate your uniqueness and express yourself through your clothes or a hobby. Striding towards being one of a kind, has caused the prices of limited or otherwise special products to go through the roof.

We are a creator led organisation. RTFKT uses the latest in game engines, NFT, blockchain authentication and augmented reality, combined with manufacturing expertise to create one of a kind sneakers and digital artifacts.

We’re an NFT wearables project founded by the team behind WSPR Creative and AHP Music Videos. Our team specializes in branding, advertising, CGI, and high-end video production. For the last 10 years, we’ve been helping companies like Rolls Royce, Make A Wish Foundation, Sophos, and Wyndham bring creative marketing & video concepts to life. With this experience, our goal is to help generate more interest in the NFT space through videos, photos, and animations.

In 2021 we decided to play around with NFTs. We joined the community by investing in various projects on ETH and SOL. Since joining, we’ve lost our ability to sleep and have become full-time degens. With our new curated NFT collection, we wanted a fun way to show off our JPGs. And the idea was born, the NFT Necklace.

After we made our first prototype we started wearing them to our productions. After strolling around SOHO one night after a shoot, we were approached by dozens of people asking about the necklaces we were wearing. All eyes were on the JPG around our necks & we made some great connections that day.

What: We sell fashionable and affordable watches paired with Cryptovoxels wearable NFTs

Where: 3 Knight Lane, a parcel on Cryptovoxels, a virtual world and metaverse powered by the Ethereum blockchain.
How: Purchase a physical watch and claim a free NFT by forwarding your confirmation email to [email protected] with your Ethereum Wallet Address
Who: Andres and Jonathan, two middle school friends turned adult acquaintances

specializes in urban lifestyle and modern apparel for lovers of modern aesthetics, techwear, cyberpunk, Japanese and Korean fashion. With thousands of customers around the globe, we’ve served more than 100 countries across North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Middle East, Africa, Central and South America. All products are sourced from the best manufacturers and brands worldwide.

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