altcoins That Will Take Off in the Near Future

What exactly is altcoins? An a coin is a digital option to the traditional currency that can be exchanged for some other currency. It exists on the exact same open source Database as bitcoin but makes money in a number of different ways and is based on different protocols. Most of the altcoins which have been launched so far are based on the open source Mesh technologies which are already supporting better and more secure ways of transacting and moving assets and money around the block chain, and this technology is already behind many more efficient and secure ways of transferring and conducting business.


This leads to a very valid question: Which altcoins are going to be the best ones in the future? Which one is going to be the “real deal”? The answer is simple: the most effective and stable one that has the best potential future results. In this part I will give you some insights on what criteria we used for selecting the most promising coins. Altcoins were chosen according to two criteria: their price and their decentralized nature. Let’s see what they mean.

The main reason for choosing them was their price. The price of an altcoins is a major indicator of its value because buyers prefer it if the price is at or near to the all-time high. The decentralized nature of these coins makes them ideal for investing in a wide variety of areas. Besides the price, we also looked for proof of stake, maturity and a fair distribution of risk among its stakeholders (miners and investors).

At present, there are many altcoins which meet both of our criteria. Namely, Dogecoin which is in the top twenty for its value and the distribution of risk. On the other hand, the new token on top for its value and future potential is Dash, a Scottish currency Dash is now worth about sixty million US dollars. This increase in value has been spectacular considering the fact that it was just launched three months ago. Furthermore, Dash has a unique system that provides incentive for its miners by way of new block rewards.

All the experts and analysts predict that in the next four years, the value of all cryptos will increase tenfold. There are also rumors of further increases in Litecoin, Peercoin, Dogecoin, PPC: and even the Euro Cryptocurrency. So, if you want to invest right now, you should take your pick of at least one of these top twenty altcoins. They have the best potential for a big run.

Dogecoin was chosen as the base for many of the high-flying altcoins at the moment. Dogecoin has an all time high value of around seventy-five thousand US dollars, which is more than twice as much as the American dollar. It is the fourth most popular digital currency among traders. If you are interested in doing some Dogecoin trading, you can start by downloading an easy to use Dogecoin wallet, like the Doigeck or the Diner’s wallet. There are also many automated Dogecoin trading robots out there, so look for one that fits your style.

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