Are Crypto Games Dead? | MyPetHooligan Exclusive Interview

I talk with the CTO behind MyPetHooligan who has worked with the likes of LucasArts and Pixar previously. We talk about what they are doing to make their game special, and why crypto games AREN’T dead!

00:00:00 Setup
00:00:06 Colin Brady
00:01:09 Where He Fits In
00:02:37 My Pet Hooligan
00:05:35 Other Animals
00:09:49 Social Experience
00:13:09 How To Play
00:16:38 Break Down

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My Pet Hooligan is AMGI Studio’s flagship Web3 IP. AMGI studios is a creative Web3 entertainment company with deep experience in animation and gaming.
Over the years AMGI has developed a series of cutting edge animation approaches and technologies that will serve as fundamental infrastructure to the expansion of Web3.

With an emphasis on targeted workflows inside of the Unreal Engine, AMGI Studios is a high-caliber creative team composed of artists and creators from renowned studios such as Pixar, Disney, and ILM.
The My Pet Hooligan brand is a core piece of the AMGI Studios mission of on-boarding of new people into the Web3 ecosystem through community and IP integration.

AMGI Studios Core Focuses:
Be the creative bridge between Hollywood and Web3
Develop technology and workflows that make AMGI the fastest animation studio on the planet.
Push the boundaries of Web3 gaming
Onboard new participants into the Web3 space by providing new and enjoyable experiences not limited to gaming
Implement new concepts and technologies that propagate the development of the wider Web3 ecosystem
Raise the standard of character development and integration in Web3
Develop innovative and compelling IP that exists in and beyond the Web3 space

My Pet Hooligan Core Focuses:
Develop the highest quality Web3 experience using proprietary tools and technologies
Build a Web3 integrated game that is high quality, fun and will find its place amongst the best games in the wider gaming marketplace
Build a fun, social, and immersive platform that transcends gaming
Create a vibrant ecosystem through the use of utility tokens

AMGI Studios
The AMGI Studios and My Pet Hooligan team are a talented and devoted group of individuals, spanning the landscapes of gaming, animation, business development, and Web3.

AMGI’s objective is to combine proprietary technology with high quality, character driven animation to develop a new path between Hollywood and the Web3 space.
On the forefront of real-time animation, AMGI is uniquely positioned as innovators in the space, with a pipeline of original content and the ability to bring traditional animation into the future.

With the support of high caliber creative talent from renowned studios such as Pixar, Disney, ILM, and Pixomondo, AMGI Studios delivers a quality of work that is unmatched in the industry.
Each individual brings something unique to the table, and we are well aware that the success of this project is the sum total of a massive group effort. Every single member of the MPH community is also considered a part of our wider team, and have a role to play in this our collective journey.

AMGI Studios ( is reshaping the animation landscape of entertainment, game content and interactive AR/VR environments by combining our creative team with cutting edge technology initiatives. Our current Studio focus is on animated movies, NFT 3D character designs and building a massively multiplayer online role-playing game that is interoperable with our minted NFT characters. We plan to secure partnerships with brands and projects to bring their content and characters into the game.

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