Are Custom NFT Avatars The Future?

Everyone knows that generative NFT avatars on Ethereum are being created by the boatload. Most are just copy paste jobs with unoriginal art.

This project is changing the game when it comes to NFT avatar rarity and generation events that I think will be the future of NFT avatars.


00:00:00 Intro
00:00:37 Setup
00:02:00 Breakdown
00:02:34 Website
00:03:11 Use Bamboo
00:04:13 Bamboo Equals
00:04:57 How Much Bamboo
00:05:36 Make A Panda
00:07:01 Pricing A Panda
00:08:00 Minting Page
00:08:51 Unique Format
00:09:38 Road Map
00:10:13 Wrap Up

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