Axie Infinity Land Owners SHOCKED by Recent Update “I Feel Scammed”

Axie Infinity scams again. We’ve been waiting for land gameplay for what feels like forever, and you won’t believe how much of a joke it turned out to be.

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0:00:27 Intro
0:00:46 About Raylights
0:01:39 Wait There’s More
0:02:33 Teaser Land
0:03:42 Axie Burns
0:04:31 Ronin Bridge Hack
0:05:40 Breakdown




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AXIE Infinity

Axie Infinity Universe
Axie Infinity is a game universe filled with fascinating creatures, Axies, that players can collect as pets. Players aim to battle, breed, collect, raise, and build kingdoms for their Axies. The universe has a player-owned economy where players can truly own, buy, sell, and trade resources they earn in the game through skilled-gameplay and contributions to the ecosystem.
There are and will be many varied games experiences for Axies. Many of them will have players compete with each other using complex strategies and tactics to attain top rankings or be rewarded with coveted resources. Others will have them complete quests, defeat bosses, and unlock in-depth storylines.

There are countless unique Axies that players can collect with varying body parts and appearances. Body parts will unlock abilities for Axies that vary across games, they will have completely different values, benefits, and skills from one game to another. Body parts also have their own unique card art for players to collect.

Community & Economy
All art assets and Axie genetic data can be easily accessed by 3rd parties, allowing community developers to build their own tools and experiences in the Axie Infinity universe. While still in early access, Axie is ranked the #1 Ethereum game by daily, weekly, and monthly active users. Players have spent over 1M ETH (3B+ USD) so far to progress in the game.
While Axie is a fun game, it’s also taken on characteristics of a social network and earning platform due to the strong community and opportunity to truly own resources earned within the games.
A key difference between Axie and a traditional game is that Blockchain economic design unlocks the ability to have complex player-owned economies and reward players who are able to reach advanced levels of skill. Players are able to have fun and work towards ambitious goals while simultaneously earning potential resources that will have real monetary value due to an open economic system and demand from other players – “Play-and-Earn”.

Currently, players can gain more resources to advance in the game by taking actions such as:

Competing in Battles to win leaderboard prizes as well as Smooth Love Potions (SLP)
Breeding Axies to produce new ones with particular Body Part combinations
Collecting and speculating on rare Axies such as Mystics and Origins

Create an ecosystem of amazing Axie gaming experiences with community and player-owned economies as foundational pillars.

A digital nation where people globally come together with their Axies to play, earn, and live.

Welcome to our revolution.

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