BEST 2 Low Cap Crypto Projects Set To Explode (10X Gains Potential)

Great show for you this week! Huge news in the NFT space. Mutant Bored Apes sold out in minutes and raised $90 million! 3 eth per mint. Not only are we going to talk about some cool generative NFT drops but also we have 2 HUGE projects with major PUMP potential.

Two avatar projects to mention are Purrnelopes Country Club and Axolittles! We are looking for these two NFT drops to do very well and have 9 lives!

We have 2 projects making big moves in the NFT space. First project is no stranger to the channel… DexKit with the ticker $KIT . KIT has been working hard on a unique NFT marketplace which will enable you to mint, sell, and trade your NFTs on your own website! VERY COOL!

The second project to discuss is 1000BLOCKS . Their ticker is $BLS and they are built on the BSC. We are going to have a deeper dive next week into this project as their main net launches. But they just had their IDO on Walt Finance’s launchpad and sold out in 2 min. This is a record on Walt! $BLS can be found on Pancakeswap and Waltswap. Link will be below.

As always be on the lookout for our weekly giveaway announcement on every show! Here’s this week’s giveaway!

Follow and like/retweet this tweet to possibly win $1000!

Join our discord or telegram and type #Plutoisaplanet and you might win $500 in BiTToken!

We are picking ONE winner from each who goes in and types #Plutoisaplanet

Dexkit Uniswap Link:

DexKit website:

1000Blocks Pancakeswap Link:

1000Blocks website:

Purrnelopes Country Club website:

Purrnelopes Country Club opensea:

AxoLittles website:

Crypto Demonz website:

Crypto Demonz opensea:

Sympathy For The Devil Website

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0:00 Intro
0:56 Bored Ape Mutant Club
1:33 Recent Acquisitions
4:44 Purrnelopes Country Club
6:36 Dexkit NFT Marketplace
9:37 AxoLittles
11:40 1000Blocks
12:50 Giveaway Time!
14:42 A Special Surprise…

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