Best NFT Trading Card Games You Are Sleeping On

Card games are some of the most popular games around the glove. From Pokemon to Magic The Gathering, these games are played by millions, but they lack play to earn ability or true digital ownership.

I show you 6 top NFT trading card games that you should be playing or investing in NOW!

Check out DR WHO:
Check out SKYWEAVER:
Check out PARALLEL:

0:00:00 Setup
0:00:41 Intro
0:01:15 Stache Top 6
0:01:44 Parallel
0:03:08 Doctor Who Worlds Apart
0:04:43 Skyweaver
0:06:12 Sorare
0:08:03 Gods Unchained
0:09:23 Splinterlands
0:11:09 Breakdown

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Since the days of the Splintering, the face of the world has been shaped by blood and power. As factions battle for control, primal energies are harnessed and unleashed.

Tired of card games that require a huge investment in time to play a single session? The rapid battles in Splinterlands are fast and furious, each game only taking a few minutes.

Play, Trade, and Earn anywhere at anytime. Splinterlands is available on both desktop and mobile devices.

Other online collectible card games sacrifice the real world value of physical cards for the sake of convenience.

We see a better way.

Unlike other free-to-play games, Gods Unchained gives you complete ownership over your in-game items. Collect rare cards, build your deck and sell cards to other players.

Gods Unchained is built by ex-Google and Riot Games engineers, funded by the largest gaming investor in the world, and led by the former Game Director of MTG Arena.

Not another glorified rock, paper, scissors TCG. To rise through the ranks, you’ll need to tactically outsmart your opponent at every turn.

Collect & Trade
Put your football passion to the test. Connect and trade with other fans in our open marketplace.
Build & manage your Squad
Build strategies, create lineups and earn points based on your players’ real-life performances.
Be part of the moment
Experience a deeper connection with football as you watch your players make history on the pitch.

You can augment and expand the basic starter decks by purchasing Doctor Who: Worlds Apart digital card packs.

All packs contain a random selection of beautifully hand-drawn cards.
Each card is unique with the rarity based on the different frames and serial numbers.
The Core Pack will always be available, but other packs and the unique frames they contain are limited edition and can sell out forever.

Click on a pack to see the contents and drop chances.


“I cannot wait for people to play Skyweaver. It’s a brand new gaming experience that resurrects all the fun of childhood collectible card games – in a browser – and with the ability to trade cards just like in the old days.”
– Alexis Ohanian, Reddit Co-Founder

Skyweaver: the browser-based cross platform card game where you can own, trade and gift your cards. Deeply strategic gameplay combined with a player-owned marketplace lets you win tradable NFT cards on your journey to becoming a legendary Skyweaver!
Download now and play free anywhere:

Earth, far in the future… Drained from supporting human life has fallen into a desperate need for energy. Humanity attempted to unlock the solution by hastily experimenting with anti-matter. The consequences were devastating.

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