Best Staking Coin With Smart Contracts & Lower Fees Than Uniswap

I review the best staking coin with smart contracts and on top of that, it has lower fees than Uniswap.

Learn about the shortcomings of Ethereum and why the “four pillars” of Energi make this ETH competitor so much different than the rest.


0:00 Intro
0:30 Breakdown
1:32 Energi Blockchain
2:56 Smart Contracts
3:20 Governance
3:48 Treasury
4:45 Staking
5:32 About Energiswap
6:06 Master Node
7:35 Energiswap
8:55 Liquidity Pool
9:22 Analytics
10:33 Gas Fees
11:11 Token Pairing
11:36 Energi Bureau of Investigations
14:05 Swap Demo
15:45 Wrap Up

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