Bitcoin Going To 250,000 (Here Is How I Am Going To Celebrate)

I am bullish on Bitcoin!

It WILL hit 250,000 a coin in the very near future and when it does, I am gong to be partying with all of YOU at the official Bitcoin After Party.

This will be the most epic event in Bitcoin’s history, do you really want to miss that?

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00:00 Intro
01:04 Background Story
02:37 Crypto Winter
03:33 Why Party?
04:30 The Games
05:08 NTF Tickets
05:41 Ticket Inspiration
06:18 The Ticket Levels
07:01 2100 Tickets
07:59 BTC HODL’ers
08:48 The Utility
10:02 NFT Collectors
10:57 When Will It Happen?
11:18 Biggest Predictions
12:58 ‘Stache Prediction
14:15 Only For Believers
15:00 The Awards Ceremony
16:01 NFT Concierge
16:49 BTC 250K
17:13 ‘Stache Discount
17:51 Wrap Up

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