BITCOIN LIVE: Crypto Market Crashing

Bitcoin Price Predictions: Ethereum Trade Analysis. Testing my new crypto trading studio and live stream setup. #crypto #cryptocurrency #trending

00:00​​​ Bitcoin Price Predictions
00:17 Ethereum Crypto Intro
01:21 Cryptocurrency News Today
03:37 Market Cap vs Circulating Supply
05:30 Coin Market Cap
06:43 Lunar Crush Crypto Research
07:45 Messari IO Top Assets List
08:55 Trading View Market Analysis

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Forex Leading Indicators: Is There A True Leading Indicator?

A leading sign is an indicator that will inform you where the market is going. A lagging sign will certainly tell you where the marketplace has been. However, many indications are lagging indications and traders have actually found out to use a mix of indications to forecast the marketplace activity. Nonetheless, there is a concealed leading indicator few investors have actually discovered yet.

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