Blend Your NFTs & Increase Your Rarity With Gods & Legends

The WAX ecosystem for NFTs is so diverse and community driven, unlike many other platforms (im lookin at you Etherem!).

I talk with NFTsForDays from the Gods & Legends project on WAX about this Chibi style collectible card series that has true UTILITY, tons of great partnerships, and will be launching their own game soon.

Check out GODS & LEGENDS:

00:00:00 Intro
00:00:09 NFTsForDays
00:01:54 Miss A Day In WAX
00:03:52 What Is Gods & Legends
00:06:07 WAX Legends Edition
00:07:02 Utility
00:08:49 Stand Alone Game
00:10:28 Your Own Gods Card
00:11:43 Next Upcoming Thing
00:13:23 Jump In The Telegram

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