Cardano vs Solana // How Did They Explode

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0:00 Can Kadena Become The #1 Blockchain?
0:30 Blockchain #1 Cardano
1:00 Why Did Cardano Explode?
2:00 Not one big crypto hedge fund is invested in Cardano.
2:30 Cardano Charles Hoskinson
3:21 Blockchain #2 Solana
4:00 Solana Ecosystem Explained
4:30 Solana Phantom Wallet is The Best Crypto Wallet!
5:25 Dapps Built on Solana Look Flawless!
6:01 Blockchain #3 Bitcoin.
6:15 Michael Saylor Bitcoin Education.
7:04 What would I do If I was Kadena?
7:21 Tip #1 Dedicate Resources To Growing a YouTube Channel!

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