Cardano VS Solana Predictions

Everyone in the NFT space is calling for a Solana summer. Will we see Solana dominate this summer or will ANOTHER blockchain steal the spot for number one contender to Ethereum?

I break down my thoughts and give my predictions here.

0:00:00 Setup
0:00:26 Intro
0:01:07 Solana
0:02:21 Cardano
0:03:45 Snoop And ADA
0:05:47 Breakdown

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Trippin Ape Tribe

Trippin’ Ape Tribe is a community-first PFP project on Solana, backed by strong and ownable branding, cheeky storytelling, innovative long-term utility, and a passionate community of free-thinking degens.

10,000 Apes have fallen under the trance of a mysterious yet charismatic leader, Chorles, but don’t worry… it’s definitely not a cult.

Boss Cat Rocket Club

Founded by the member of the BAYC community, known as Blue Magic, BAYC Ape #4064, the Boss Cat Rocket Club is a finite supply of 9,999 algorithmically generated space bound cats living on the Cardano Blockchain.

With massively inflated gas fees now on Ethereum, the decision was made to launch on the emerging Cardano Blockchain where we believe our project will be far more accessible to everyone.

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