Coinbase Manager Charged Insider Trading and The SEC just dropped the Ban Hammer

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The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission used its first insider-trading case Thursday to formally declare nine digital tokens as “securities“ in its ongoing practice of defining its crypto oversight through enforcement actions.
The federal securities regulator filed a complaint Thursday alleging a former Coinbase (COIN) product manager engaged in insider trading by giving his brother and friends tips on which assets the exchange planned to list in the near future. In an unusual move, the SEC also explicitly said nine of the crypto assets listed were securities.
While the SEC has identified cryptocurrencies as securities in the past, typically it did so in enforcement actions or settlements with the issuer. But Thursday’s complaint is the first time the SEC identified several cryptocurrencies as securities without charging the issuers – or, for that matter, the exchange listing the so-called securities. The tokens listed were Flexa’s AMP, RLY, DDX, XYO, RGT, LCX, POWR, DFX and KROM.

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0:15 Coinbase Manager Charged Insider Trading
1:05 What Crypto Will Be a Security
1:45 The SEC Labels 9 Crypto Securities!
2:46 Commodity Futures Trading Commission Commissioner Caroline Pham Statement
3:55 This was freaking Brilliant!
5:28 Do you think this could cause the next Epic Crash?

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