Cones of Dunshire Fans Will LOVE This Game

If you love games like Cones of Dunshire, Settlers of Catan or even Risk then you are going to love this game.

0:00:00 Setup
0:00:27 Intro
0:01:45 Create Maps
0:03:27 Hate NFTs?
0:04:07 Land Box
0:04:47 Breakdown

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The 7th Seal

is a play-to-earn, turn-based strategy game in development by Legacy Gameworks LLC. Each game is played by 6 players made up of human and/or AI players. The game is currently in an Alpha stage of development. The game will have 3 modes of play; Solo (single player), Hot Seat local-multiplayer, and Online Async Multiplayer. We desire to make the game available on various gaming platforms and consoles like Ultra, Steam,, GOG, Nintendo Switch, iOS, Android, etc. We are not sure if it will be the first of its kind by incentivizing crypto-based modding, but it would be an amazing feat to bring crypto-based gaming to traditionally non-crypto based markets.

The earning potential, if done correctly, could be huge. Game Play The Free Tier There will be a tier of the game open to everyone, in which there will be a limited (default) set of maps included with the base game. These maps will be provided or chosen by the developers. Tournament play will not be available at this level. Mana will still be generated and earned at a much slower rate than the Play-to-Earn tier. The Play-To-Earn Tier Games played in this tier will require a token buy-in (1-5 GG Coins). Maps available at this tier will be those created via the Cartographer (see below). Tournament play will be available. Mana will be generated, earned and distributed in each game. (See more about how Mana works below)

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