Crypto Alert: 8yr Old Breaks Crypto World Record

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How hard is it to code in Pact? In todays video I wanted to see if I could teach my 8yr old son how to write a Pact smart contract! This video in raw format was less than 11 minutes long. It took mason less than 10 minutes to write his first pact smart contract.

Obviously I have no idea if anyone younger than him ever wrote a pact smart contract but it sounded cool and made him feel really special so just roll with it :).

I am not going to lie. This was one of those proud father son moments. If i am able to teach an 8yr old how to write s Pact smart contract. What do you think talented DEVs will do with a coding language that is this powerful.

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0:00 Crypto Alert
1:00 How to Write a Pact Smart Contract.
2:00 8 year old coding in pact.
2:30 Changing Keysets in Hello-World Module
3:00 Change Module Name
4:30 Explaining Deployment Settings
5:00 Signing and deploying a Smart contract.
5:30 Mason Shoutout to Stuart Popejoy and Will Martino.
7:00 Masons 1st Pact Smart Contract at 8yrs old
7:45 Why should you learn how to code in pact.
8:30 How to find Masons Pact Smart contact on the Kadena Blockchain.

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