Earn More $$$ Than Axie Infinity With These Passive NFT Games

Most people think of Axie Infinity when they think if BIG daily gains in crypto, but with such a high barrier of entry to play the game, the ROI is not as good as you may think.

I show you my top 6 passive income NFT games on the WAX blockchain that currently (and in the future will) blow away the daily profits of playing Axie Infinity.


0:00:00 Setup
0:00:30 Intro
0:02:04 Farmers World
0:04:21 Alien Worlds
0:05:39 Colonize Mars
0:07:44 Nova Rally
0:09:45 Warsaken
0:11:37 Coin Pirates
0:13:07 Breakdown

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Mysterious relics of ancient farm city located in the middle of Amazon
A document named “Manuscript №4848”, which is currently stored at the National Library of Brazil, describes in detail a peculiar ancient farm situated in eastern Brazil. The farm was discovered by a group of explorers in 1573; however, its existence continues to remain a mystery to this day.
Since its architecture is reminiscent of ancient Greek civilization, which bears little relation to the culture of areas around the mighty Amazon River, this enigmatic farm town, located within a massive city made of stone, bears no resemblance to any town that the explorers had ever seen in South America.

April 2021
Phase One of the project is the pre-game phase, where the Colonize
Mars team does all of the colony design and expansion. Players can
participate by buying one or more Cards on AtomicHub, purchasing Card
packs, crafting better Cards to prepare for gameplay, and obtaining
ownership Cards which represent various colony elements.
Late October 2021
In the second phase of the project, players can participate by making
an identity on mars.cards, assigning their Cards to colony items, and
earning Martia Token (our in-game currency).
Early 2022
The introduction of various resources opens up the option of earning
Martia Token, earning resources, or both. Additionally, players can
spend the appropriate resources to boost the output of their cards.
Other enhancements include hazards and community allegiances.
First Half of 2022
Phase 3 of the project opens up gameplay outside the colony via
sustainable mining missions. Players can select expedition-ready items
from the colony, choose a plot of land from the Martian landscape, and
mine it for Ore if the land’s health rating is high or restore the
land if it’s health rating is low.

Leaders of Warsaken
Former Premier of the Sovereignty of Trionvice

Roman was an orphan left on the doorstep of the House for Discarded and Errant Children. The gifted, yet withdrawn child was adopted by the wealthiest family in the Sovereignty of Trionvice, yet always felt out-of-place. Military school was the perfect incubation chamber for his iron will and brilliance. His climb didn’t stop until he reached the country’s highest office. More than any individual, Roman Volkov is responsible for the meteoric rise of his former country over the last decade.

Three years ago, his world was rapidly upended. Details surrounding his birth came to light, exposing him as a child from the despised island nation of Ral Costria. Prejudice against Ral Costrians and questions regarding Volkov’s split allegiance forced him from his high office. His bitter rival, Adam Zoff, used the opportunity to take the Premiership. All signs point to foreign aid and involvement of New Kratia President Zeana. Together Zoff and Zeana framed Volkov for passing technology to Thato Lethabo.

Ahoy mateys, are you ready to walk the plank or become the most fierce pirate in the Seven Seas? In Coinpirates, the world is built based on a real-world map. Chests of gold and plunder will be buried all over the world for you to find. Gold is a CPR token that is traded on an exchange and has real economic value. Destroy and rob ships of other Buccaneers, sail the seven seas and search for hidden treasures.

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When you develop a broker, there are several other points you need to understand about scalping. First, you must wisely select money sets that will work well with the approach. The very best point is to start with the basic sets, as well as relocate to riskier pairs as you end up being extra experienced.

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The Right Way to Buy and Sell FX

Learning just how you can trade forex, as a pro, indicates first approving that the basic motivation – that of making a profit – will certainly most properly be understood with the devotion, self-control as well as ability of a professional supplier. New traders, merely finding out the best manner to trade fx, will certainly find out that losses conveniently place with their earliest trades. That is till they have actually obtained adhered to an expert technique to approach the market.

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