Ether Cards Give Ethereum NFTs Massive Utility

When it comes to advanced utility features for NFTs on Ethereum the range of what you can do is quite limited, until now.

I show you around the Ether Cards NFT platform which does the best job I have ever seen in packing in the utility for NFTs on the ETH blockchain.

Check out ETHER CARDS:

00:00:00 Intro
00:00:39 Setup
00:01:44 Breakdown
00:02:28 Website
00:02:57 Features
00:04:12 Upgrade With $DUST
00:05:07 The Skill Tree
00:05:36 Multiple Artists
00:06:46 Check Out The Traits
00:08:00 The Events
00:08:37 Dynamic NFTs
00:09:37 Breakdown

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