FTX News DCG’s Barry Silbert Digital Currency Group is SBF 2.0

Did you think FTX was bad? Just wait. DCG = Pandoras Box. I can honestly say I have never saw anything this bad in my life. According to several news outlets and this Articel by CNBC. “In a note to DCG shareholders, Silbert addressed all the “noise” surrounding the company, indicating that most of its entities are “operating as usual.”
The trading unit Genesis has encountered problems on the lending side due to “market turmoil,” Silbert wrote.
Silbert said the company as a whole is on pace to generate $800 million in revenue this year. Barry Silbert, the founder of crypto conglomerate Digital Currency Group, has joined a growing list of industry leaders in trying to settle investors’ nerves after the sudden collapse of FTX.”

0:00 FTX News Today.
0:30 Terry Duffy Exposed FTX to Congress.
2:00 Digital Currency Group Owns Everything.
2:30 Jesse Water FTX Collaspe Explained.
3:20 CNBC FTX Media Coverage.
3:50 Kevin O’Leary Crypto Banter.
4:50 New York Times FTX Puff Piece.
6:10 FTX Hacked by Bahamas Government.
8:10 What is Digital Currency Group?
9:15 Coinbase Refuses to Show Proof of Reserves.
11:10 ChainAlysis Owned by DCG.
13:40 Grey Scale Trust Coinbase.
14:45 Digital Currency Group Portfolio.
15:30 Kevin O’Leary BitPay.
16:45 Genesis Crypto Bankrupt.
20:15 Tucker Carlson Terry Duffy Interview.
22:20 Who is Gary Wang FTX.
24:45 FTX 32 Billion Dollar Valuation.
25:45 Who owns CoinDesk.
26:45 Gemini Exchange insolvent.
27:15 EToro Exchange.
27:45 What is Paradigm.
28:54 What is Elliptic.
30:00 Money Greed destroyed this industry.

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