Gala Games NFT Ecosystem Is The Future Of Gaming

Laying the foundation for a robust NFT gaming ecosystem is not an easy task, but the team at Gala Games has done just that.

Not only do they produce their own games like Town Star NFT game, or the Mirandus NFT RPG, but they are also bringing on other studios on to their network as well.

I talk with Jason “Bitbender” Brink, the head of blockchain games at Gala Games about their top secrets to NFT gaming.

00:00:00 Start Of Show
00:00:59 Wanting To Do This Show
00:02:00 About BitBender
00:03:44 In-Game Assets
00:04:18 Pre NFT Gaming
00:05:20 Spend Money On Skins
00:06:21 Supporting The Industry
00:07:32 Gaming Ecosystem
00:09:14 What’s Next?
00:11:25 What’s Up With The FPS?
00:12:18 Gala Games Operator
00:13:59 Nodes For Each Game
00:15:03 Real Governance
00:16:17 Any Other Nuggets?
00:17:16 Top Quality Work

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