Gary V ❤️’s Ethereum (BULLISH News For Ethereum NFT Dominance)

I know we’re in the broiling heat of summer but this lull in the Ethereum price is making me feel a little like Valentine’s Day. Nah I’m just kidding, this accumulation period after ETH broke above 3k has been relatively harmless and we believe that although the surge has tapped the brakes somewhat, Ethereum’s price is still on the bus from the movie Speed, and it can’t stop. Good news, this means I won’t need to make any Valentine’s Day-type Ethereum price bets… and won’t end up in a Cupid costume this time. After all, on this channel we believe that this cycle is Ethereum’s moment. With institutional investment, mainstream interest, Ethereum based games, and all the NFTs and defi that ETH has to offer; it’s time to shine. Today we dive into what’s new for everyone’s favorite altcoin.

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0:00 Intro
1:29 Kraken investing in ETH
2:59 ETH and Budweiser
4:11 VeeFriends
5:42 Shadowy Super Coders
6:41 Price

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