How Many Coin of Kadena Were Pre Mined?

Subscribe or I’ll Sell Your Crypto. How Much Kadena Was Pre Mined? How many coins of KDA did the kadena team pre mine? Kadena Pre Mining KDA Fud vs How much Bitcoin did Satoshi mine? How many coins of Ethereum were sold to VC’s?

Bitcoin, Luna, Kadena, And Flux make up for 90% of my portfolio. Everything else I have no clue if the other projects will be here in 5 years!
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0:00 How Much Coin of Kadena Were Pre Mined?
0:30 How Much Bitcoin Did Satoshi Mine?
1:15 How Much KDA was Pre Mined?
2:00 How Much Ethereum Was Sold to VC’s?
4:00 When does Kadena Team Tokens Unlock? 2030
5:00 How Much Kadena Was Pre Mined? Less Than 2%

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