How To Buy Star Atlas NFT Ships (Why You May NOT Want To)

Star Atlas is one of the best looking blockchain NFT crypto games that has yet to launch. Their Galatic Asset Offering is upon us their first NFT ship sale.

I show you exactly what you need to know before buying these Star Atlas NFTs, and a few reasons why you may NOT want to buy as well…

Check out STAR ATLAS:

00:00:00 Intro
00:00:32 Setup
00:01:30 Breakdown
00:01:44 Website
00:02:01 Inauguration
00:02:41 Small Ships
00:03:06 Medium Ships
00:03:28 Capital Ships
00:03:42 Commander Ships
00:03:58 Titan Ships
00:04:15 Market Place
00:04:47 What You Need
00:05:03 Conversions
00:05:40 Another Thing To Consider
00:06:15 Confusing Part
00:07:08 You Should Do It
00:07:25 Use Caution
00:08:14 Supply To Increase
00:09:49 Wrap Up

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