How to Code in Pact // Formatting and Mapping Functions

How To Code in Pact: How to Write and Format Functions for smart contracts / modules. We will practice how to map functions in pact. Coding in pact is so simple. When the 5,000+ solidity developers realize how much more powerful pact is than other coding language! Its gonna be a wrap! If you want to learn more about pact check out my pact Kadena playlist links below.

Apply APP to each element in LIST, returning a new list of results.
MAP CODEpact: (map (+ 1) [1 2 3])[2 3 4]

formattemplate string vars [*] → stringInterpolate VARS into TEMPLATE using {}.

namespacenamespace string → stringSet the current namespace to NAMESPACE. All expressions that occur in a current transaction will be contained in NAMESPACE, and once committed, may be accessed via their fully qualified name, which will include the namespace. Subsequent namespace calls in the same tx will set a new namespace for all declarations until either the next namespace declaration, or the end of the tx


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0:00 How to Code in Pact: Formatting Functions.
1:00 Pact Tutorials – Pact Language Basics – Beginner 04.
1:55 How to Setup Pact Terminal.
3:35 How to Reset Pact Terminal? Troubleshooting Error FIX.
9:54 Pact Practice Tutorial.
12:30 Pact Operations and Syntax Explained.
18:30 How to Map Functions in Pact.
20:00 Syntax Troubleshooting Pop Quiz!
25:00 Dag Blockchains Cant Scale Function.
27:00 AddNumbers Function Explained.
29:30 Ryan Matta Pact Digital Course.

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