How to Code in Pact Schemas Tables Database Indexes

How to Code in Pact Schemas Tables Database Indexes. In todays tutorial we are going to try and get a better understanding of how schemas, tables, indexes and databases are all related. Pact Schemas and Tables

Welcome to this introduction to Pact Schemas and Tables!

Topics covered in this tutorial

Introduction to Schemas and Tables
Define Schemas
Define Tables
Create Tables
Table built-in functions

The goal of this tutorial is to get you familiar with what schemas and tables are, why they’re useful, and to demonstrate how to implement these within a Pact smart contract.
Key Takeaway

Tables are one of the three core elements of Pact smart contracts. Tables are defined using deftable, which references a schema defined by defschema, and are later created using create-table. There are many ways to build functions that store, manipulate, and read data from smart contract tables.

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0:00 How To Code in Pact!
0:30 Kadena Pact Schema and Tables Tutorial Review
11:05 Lets Do Some More Research Together
11:45 What are Schemas?
16:14 Blockchain Indexes Databases?
25:10 Pact Keywords We will Learn Next!

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