How to Code in Pact What are Keysets new

ALERT: I think I was close but I could not complete this tutorial. BUT I hope you can learn from my mistakes. If you can complete this tutorial record a video and TAG me on twitter! Best of Luck Sqaud!

Pact ModulesThis tutorial introduces an essential feature in Pact known as modules. We’ll discuss what modules are, why they’re important, and how they relate to smart contracts.Tutorial Overview Introduction to Pact Modules Create a Module Example ModulesKey TakeawayA Pact Module contains the logic necessary to create your application. It is where all code is written to for a smart contract. All API and data definitions exist within the Module.

Predicate functions are functions that return a single TRUE or FALSE. You use predicate functions to check if your input meets some condition. For example, is.character() is a predicate function that returns TRUE if its input is of type character and FALSE otherwise.

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0:00 How to Code in Pact?
0:45 What are Keysets in Pact?
5:15 What are predicate Functions?
7:00 Practice Tutorial
9:20 Private Key Results Tab.
13:06 How to Open Modules in Pact?
15:00 Watch me Fail and Fail and Fail
26:00 The 20th Time Was not the Charm
28:00 Dont Give Up! Try again
32:00 I failed but We got close I think!

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