How To Do NFT Drops On WAX Blockchain (Step-by-Step Tutorial)

I have been creating NFTs since 2018 and one of the most asked questions recently is how NFT creators on the WAX Blockchain can do what are called “NFT Drops” on the platform.

NFT Drops on WAX are a way to automatically mint your NFTs on demand for a sale that is publicized across the AtomicHub network and makes it easy to sell your NFTs directly to those interested in the latest and greatest being created on the platform.

In this tutorial I walk you through all the necessary steps! Below is some important info for this video:

Add “atomicdropsx” to your collection

Send wax to “atomicdropsx” for ram with the memo: deposit_collection_ram:your-collection-name-here

Website for entering in drop info:

Assets_to_mint = [{“template_id”: your-template-ID, “tokens_to_back”: []}]

Epoch time converter:

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