How To Sell Music NFTs | The Next Billion Dollar Music Trend

What if I said there was a way to Monetize your music that big artists use to make big money. The secret sauce that could carry you to the next level.

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VINCI is disrupting creative industries by developing new streams of income for creators and innovative fan experiences.

One of our core products is our NFT marketplace, on which we will release curated works of art and music. We will however, also launch an open platform for any musician to:

• Release and distribute their music to 150+ platforms
• Release music NFT’s
• Tokenize and sell their music royalties

VINCI is bringing NFT experiences to their 2.0 stage by connecting tokens to events, exclusive
fan experiences, physical items and new dimensions of music ownership.
But the VINCI NFT marketplace is merely a component in the creative- and blockchain-based ecosystem that we are creating. By partnering with music distributors, high-profile artists, music labels, venues and festival organizations we are connecting NFTs
and blockchain to the physical world. A key component in achieving this is our iOS and Android mobile application.

Furthermore, as our technological landscape continues to
grow, offering whitelabel blockchain-based solutions is now
also becoming a part of our services.

NFT stands for “non-fungible token”. It is a digital asset that proves ownership to a unique item, digital or physical. However, in their current form, NFTs mostly represent images that are accessible by anyone. The immediate utility of the NFT thus lies in observing the digital image the token is linked to.
This means that besides the pure sentimental value some may attribute to owning a particular NFT, its only other purpose is to serve as a speculative investment where a buyer hopes to eventually sell the NFT at a higher price.

At VINCI, we think there is so much more to NFTs than just collecting images. The current use of NFTs is simply not doing justice to the revolutionary blockchain technology behind it.

The conventional use of NFTs as a glorified photo album, despite the vast potential of tokenizing real-life value, is the reason why we at VINCI have developed what we call the NFT+ experience. NFT+ is in essence an NFT with additional utility, taking advantage of the new possibilities the technology offers. It’s creating opportunities to share unique art
and music in a revolutionary way – and by doing so, creating a gateway to a whole new market by building bridges between creators and fans in innovative ways.

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