IMF: Loan Shark or Savior?? This You NEED To KNOW!!

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IMF Official Website:
The Bretton Wood Conference:
IMF’s Accountability:
The IMF And The Greek Crisis:
The IMF And The Asian Crisis:
The IMF, Austerity And The Latin American Crisis:
The IMF In Sub-Saharan Africa:


0:00 Intro
1:32 Introducing The IMF
3:31 About The IMF
5:17 IMF’s Functions
6:38 How Is The IMF Organised
7:48 The IMF’s Crisis Management Role
9:27 IMF’s Role In European Crisis
11:20 IMF Criticisms
12:45 IMF And The Asian Crisis
14:37 IMF In The Latin American Crisis
18:12 IMF In Africa
20:09 IMF And Covid-19 Crisis
22:44 Outro


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