Invest Early In These New NFT Metaverse’s To Profit Big

A metaverse is not a new concept, but these upcoming NFT metaverses all bring something unique to the table and are earl on in their release and development cycles making them ripe for early investment.

These are my top 3 NEW metaverses for you to check out and do research on.


00:00:00 Intro
00:00:32 Setup
00:01:35 Breakdown
00:01:58 Treeverse
00:02:46 First Sale Done
00:03:35 A Little Better Known
00:04:09 Evaverse
00:04:40 Still Mintable
00:05:42 Play Mini Games With Friends
00:06:14 Up On Steam
00:06:49 Turtle Companion
00:07:46 Texotopia
00:08:14 In-Game Currency
00:08:38 Create New Plots Of Land
00:09:05 Map
00:09:28 Lands Go For Big Bucks
00:10:33 Wrap Up

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