Kaddex X Wallet How to Setup Kaddex Wallet

How to setup up Kaddex X-Wallet beginner tutorial

0:00 Kaddex Wallet Setup Beginner Tutorial.
0:28 Step #1 Search X-Wallet on Google.
2:01 Step #2 Get ready to Record Your Private Keys.
3:26 Step #3 Create a Log in Password.
5:04 Step #4 Write Down and Save Your Private Keys.
7:01 How to Send Kadena From Kucoin to Xwallet.
9:01 Step #5 Add X-Wallet K Address to Address Book.
9:43 Step #6 Send a Test Transaction.
10:52 Step #7 Add X Wallet Chrome Extension to Bookmarks.
11:51 Step #8 Send Remainder of Your KDA X Wallet.
14:11 Step #9 Verify all Funds have been deposited.
14:30 Kaddex X-Wallet Review Ryan Matta.

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