Kadena & Bitcoin Price Prediction!

My kadena price predictions are that Kadena and Bitcoin will be #1 and #2 crypto assets by 2025. Just like Brother and Sister or Husband and Wife! They are both in an open relationship but always have each other backs. I think the Bitcoin Maxies need to take a step back and realize how much better Bitcoin could be with a teammate like Kadena!


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0:00 Kadena & Bitcoin 30 Day Inflation Hedge Recap.
0:42 What is The Best Altcoin to buy right now?
1:28 A word from Todays Sponsor Stoic!
2:44 Bitcoin News Today! A walk down Memory Lane!
3:22 Ethereum News Today! The Merge!
4:28 Why Ethereum is Doomed to Fail!
5:02 Solidity does not use Formal Verification!
5:51 Kadena Tokenomics Explained!
6:30 How high can the price of Kadena go?
7:01 Top Projects Building on Kadena!
7:28 Bitcoin Trade Analysis
8:10 Bitcoin Price Prediction1
8:35 Kadena Price Predictions
9:35 Kadena DCA Tragets! $1.50 $1.40 $1.25

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