Kadena Fair Launch No Big VC’s // CoinDesk AMA Highlights

Kadena was Built for the People by The People! It was designed for greatness from inception. After spending over half a decade in the crypto industry. I can honestly say that Kadena is one of the most advanced blockchains the world has ever saw. They have the ability to scale a layer 1 blockchain from inception. The right way. The safest and most secure smart contract coding language.

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0:00 Kadena was built for the people by the people.
0:30 How did Kadena Get so much right?
3:00 Kadena has been building for 5 Years
5:00 VC Shilled Projects Wreck Retail Investors.
6:00 Will Kadena Be a Security?
7:00 Kadena Partnership with the Web 3 Foundation!
9:30 Coin Desk Kadena AMA Recap

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