Kadena Solves The Blockchain Trilemma

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0:00 Kadena Solves The Blockchain Trilemma
0:45 Blockchain Limitations 2022.
1:12 Bitcoin Transactions Per Second.
1:30 Kadena Multi-Core Blockchain.
2:16 Blockchain Shading Security Risks.
3:00 Kadena Chain-Web Explained.
3:20 Kadena Hash Braiding Explained.
3:40 Kadena Gas Stations.
4:35 Graph Theory Kadena KDA.
5:04 How Does Kadenas Blockchain Scale?
6:00 Kadena Blockchain Transactions Per Second TPS Explained.
7:04 Why Sharding Blockchains are not Safe?
8:05 Why Dag Blockchains Can Not Scale.
10:05 Kadena Solved The Blockchain Trilemma.
11:05 Kadena Is the Only Scalable Layer 1 Blockchain.
12:30 When is Ethereum 2.0 Launching?
13:30 Is Kadena better than Ethereum?
14:05 Kadena Review 2022 – Ryan Matta

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CHECK OUT DOUG’S ORIGINAL SPEECH! Start at 51:11 Into this live stream. The original video link Is pinned In the comments but for some reason It was not working yesterday so I also streamed In


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