Miami Is Bullish On Bitcoin; Here’s Why (Bitcoin 2021 Conference)

Bitcoin is now legal tender in El Salvador and this could be the first domino falling towards the decline of Fiat money (USD, EUR, YUAN).

We heard it first at the Bitcoin 2021 conference in Miami, FL. See all the full recap of all my ‘Stache adventures with the entire crew!

00:00:00 Intro
00:00:13 Day One Breakdown
00:00:39 Day Two The Crew
00:00:52 Bitcoin 2021
00:00:59 Brekkie Dome
00:02:49 Tim Draper Brows
00:02:57 Naomi Brock
00:03:30 Lucho Poletti Auction
00:03:52 Day Three Shitcoin 2021
00:04:03 SAS And Kenn Bosak
00:04:33 Day Four Hawkish
00:04:49 Tony Hawk Interview
00:05:40 Stache Interviewed
00:07:16 Day Five After Party

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