Moonbeam: GLMR To The Moon?! Complete Review!! πŸŒ‘

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Introduction To Polkadot πŸ‘‰
What Parahchains Work πŸ‘‰


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Introduction To Moonbeam:
Polkadot’s Cross-Chain Solution:
Moonbeam’s Technology:
Moonbeam Launch Progress:
Utility Of GLMR:
GLMR On CoinMarketCap:
Moonbeam’s Roadmap:
Moonbeam’s Rich Ecosystem:


0:00 Intro
1:28 Moonbeam Team & Beginnings
4:23 What Actually Is Moonbeam?
5:36 A Specialised Polkadot Parachain
8:04 Primary Functionalities
8:48 EVM Compatibility
9:56 Web3 API
10:49 Compatibility & X-Chain Bridges
12:34 How Moonbeam’s X-Chain Bridges Work
13:29 First Mover Advantage
15:02 GLMR Token
16:22 Tokenomics
19:49 Roadmap
21:16 Challenges
23:04 Final Thoughts
24:06 Outro


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