New Metaverse With Customizable NFTs & Land

With a lot of hype surrounding metaverses these days there is one big factor that most companies are forgetting about: cross-chain capability.

To have a true metaverse it needs to be compatible with other blockchains and software. I take a look at an Ethereum + Binance Smart Chain metaverse with some unique features.

Check out POLKACITY:

0:00:00 Setup
0:00:40 Intro
0:02:25 Website
0:02:54 Multichain
0:03:29 Land Sales
0:04:27 In game Marketplace
0:06:02 Customize NFTs
0:07:06 Pokacity Trailer
0:08:45 What You Think
0:09:27 Breakdown

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Q1 2021
Project launch
During the project Launch Stage of Q1 we have built the DEFI NFT Platform, Completed the Private sale in less than a minute and released the customizable 3D NFT assets.
Q2 2021
More Services and Exchanges
Q2 was very productive we were able to list in various exchanges, build special edition NFTs and started with the Polka City Token BSC integration.
Q3 2021
Let’s trade!
Besides listing in additional exchanges, in Q3 we built our own Polka City Marketplace where citizens are are to trade their assets. The Polka City Profit Sharing program was also launched as a Tax Collector NFT asset.
Q4 2021
We are running!
During this phase we expect to launch the first release of the Polka City 3D Game, think of it as the GTA of Cryptocurrency. Initially, Discos and Art Galleries will be earning profits. Others will follow. Games within games will be able to provide citizens additional games inside Polka City to fulfill variety of interests.
Q1 2022
We need more!
In addition to the Discos and Art Galleries, more PC NFTs will be added to the game and will start to earn profits.

Polka City will have an additional neighboring city with Skyscrapers, and new assets.

POLC / ETH / BNB Lending launches.
Polka City

Q2 2022
More to come…
A new continent came out of nowhere! We discovered it and will be selling plots of land to inhabit it!

New in game development tools for citizens to create their own buildings and NFTs.
Q3 2022
More to come…

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