DeVerse is a new MOBA that is coming as part of the DeHorizon Metaverse. In this video I give you an exclusive look at some of their first gameplay and dive into this fast paced, thrilling MOBA.

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The primary features of a real metaverse are interoperability, openness, and sustainable community autonomy. Moreover, we hope the DeHorizon metaverse is the place each player can build their second life. This means DeHorizon metaverse should provide a premium user experience, design attractive GameFi gameplay, establish world-famous IP collaborations and much more. Having such ambitious goals means that DeHorizon metaverse is an enormous undertaking. Thus, we begin with DeHorizon metaverse 1.0. Several DeHorizon games are already under development and will pave the way for the first version of DeHorizon metaverse, a place where players can play for fun and to earn.

In DeHorizon metaverse 1.0, players will meet with Numen and JuJus to participate in DeHorizon games. Currently, DeHorizon games include DeVerse, DeTournament, DeMythical, with many more under development.
Ranger, Rogue, Adventurer, Alchemist and Warrior are important hero NFTs known as Numen in DeHorizon metaverse. Each class has specific strengths depending on the situation.
JuJus are the survivors of the destruction of Deternity. They are brought to Deternity for gestation and eventually grow into JuJus. JuJus have infinite potential, and upon reaching their maximum level, can even influence the entire DeHorizon metaverse. Players have the chance to breed them and witness their growth.
DeVerse is a team battle game. After a great war breaks out in the City of Dawn between Akademia and Shaharism, players have to battle and try their best to occupy the City of Dawn for the victory.
DeTournament is a Battle Royale game. In DeTournament, each player can play alone or with friends, explore unknown treasures and much more. Off-court players can observe the game in God mode.
DeMythical is a fantasy sports game involving dragon-riding. The object of the game is to score more points than your opponents. Each goal is worth 5 points and catching the “Magic Ball” is worth 50 points. Each point is also worth an equal number of tokens (in-game currency). The game ends when the “Magic Ball” is captured, or the last one remains on the field. There’s no penalty rule during the game. Dragons can fight each other and shoot each other down. Players in each game are limited. If players don’t get the chance to play or don’t own a dragon, they can place a bet on the players instead and win rewards after the game has ended.
NFTs play an indispensable role in the metaverse, representing unique digital assets and their ownership status. The creation of NFTs opens up new possibilities for the digital metaverse. However, the current metaverse lacks interoperability of NFTs. Moreover, unchangeable NFTs cannot empower players much in the metaverse. Thus, DeHorizon launched DeMeta Pass ID (DeMeta), disrupting JPG NFTs into interoperable, editable and evolvable NFTs.Through the invention of ERC-721 DeMeta, we also want to deliver digital property rights to the world’s game players and internet users.

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