New Play To Earn Game To Rival The Sandbox?

NFT gaming is in its infancy, but having a solid team with great experience can take you far.

This NFT game with play to earn elements has taken some of the best aspects of The Sandbox Game and Axie Infinity and combined them for a game that could be the next big earner in the NFT gaming space.


00:00:00:00 Intro
00:00:34:26 Setup
00:01:38:21 Breakdown
00:02:15:09 Website
00:02:58:25 Voxies Gallery
00:04:27:11 Skeliton Monster–
00:04:52:20 Not Just Another
00:05:41:10 Voxie Tactics
00:06:45:05 Play 2 Earn Elements
00:07:21:22 Different Features
00:08:25:21 Voxies Vs Sandbox
00:09:37:15 Wrap Up

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