NEW Play To Earn Racing Game (NO SKILL REQUIRED)

Most crypto games require you to be the “best” or most skilled to actually earn, but this crypto racing game puts things on auto-drive!

Sit back and just blast on your opponents so you cross that finish line frist.

Monster Racing League:

0:00:00 Setup
0:00:31 Intro
0:01:17 Monster Racing League
0:02:19 Hot It Works
0:03:11 Not Totally Auto
0:03:37 Play And Earn
0:04:05 Demo Drop
0:05:36 Why Now?
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0:07:01 Breakdown

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Monster Racing League Overview

A Play-2-Earn racing game with skill, strategy… and monsters!

Monster Racing League is a Play-2-Earn, multiplayer racing game that combines skill and strategy. During races, the monsters drive themselves while players time their use of offensive and defensive abilities to disrupt their opponents and give themselves an edge in the race.
Players will earn rewards by performing well in races and have full ownership of their monsters, vehicles, tracks, and other items, which will be tradable on the Monster Racing League marketplace as well as third-party marketplaces.

Our approach: Fun first

Rather than creating a boring traditional Play-2-Earn system and trying to iterate our way to a fun game, we’re creating a game that is fun to play first, then integrating the blockchain into it.
Everyone, including newcomers, will have an opportunity to win. We’re putting the emphasis on skill and strategy so you’ll have a chance to win no matter what monster you have.
And there’ll always be multiple ways to win. With a large array of monsters, tracks, abilities, and boost cards to choose from and combine, you’ll be free to create your own strategies and winning combinations.

Ways players can earn

In Monster Racing League there’ll be multiple ways to earn including:
Performing well in races
Breeding and selling monsters on the marketplace
Renting out monsters in the rental marketplace
Collecting rent/royalties for owning a track
Trading monsters, abilities, cosmetics, or tracks on the marketplace
Competing in special events and tournaments

Core game items

The game involves five different types of items, which are tradable NFT assets:
Monsters – Monsters are your drivers and you’ll need at least one to play the game. Each monster is unique and has stats that bring its own strengths and weaknesses to each race.
Abilities – In addition to the core starting abilities that any monster can use there are special abilities that are specific to a tribe that can be unlocked on monsters of that tribe. When a monster’s special ability is unlocked the ability NFT is burned.
Boosters – Boosters can be equipped before a race to tune your vehicle and give you an edge in the race. These consumable items will be given as rewards for performing well in races as well as being purchasable in packs.
Tracks – These rare items earn their owners passive income for how often the track is raced on.
Cosmetics – Pimp your ride and show off some flair with custom vehicles and other cosmetic items.

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