Next BIG Metaverse Land Sale + Big Time NFT Giveaway

Big Time is one of the most talked about NFT games on the internet is giving away their Ruby Pass NFTs to lucky winners
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Use the link below to sign up and enter for a chance to win a FREE
Ruby Pass!
Read Ruby Pass Terms & Conditions
Exact Sale Date Announced Via Discord
Join our Telegram group for more updates!

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0:00:00 Setup
0:00:28 Intro
0:01:33 Big Time
0:02:22 Time Machine
0:03:03 The Cool Things
0:03:47 Big Time Trailer
0:04:34 Multi Player Co-Op
0:05:14 Space NFTs
0:06:15 Breakdown

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Exclusive Big Time Ruby VIP Pass: Free Early Beta Access
Big Time will be releasing a new way to gain free early access for Big Time. This next round of early access will come in the form of our new Ruby Pass. This pass will grant players the ability to participate in our early beta after Jade, Silver, and Gold pass players. The Ruby pass does not impact the paid early access passes value, or early time in game. Jade, Silver and Gold passes will now have additional time for early access as a result of the Ruby Pass.
Don’t want to drop any money to see what the excitement is about? Here is your chance to earn a free Ruby pass for early access to Big Time.
The Ruby pass will be awarded to members of our community who helped to grow the game’s following in its early days, as well as members of our community who continue to contribute to the communities’ development. Big Time wants to show its appreciation for all its early supporters, and as such, the Ruby pass can only be granted through community involvement or purchased on the secondary market.
So what exactly is the best way to acquire a Ruby pass? The Big Time rewards program will be announced in the coming weeks where all community members are given the opportunity to support Big Time and earn a Ruby pass for early access. Stay tuned for our upcoming announcement regarding how to participate in the Big Time rewards program to earn yourself a first look at the game. We are excited to show you everything we have been working on.

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