Next-Gen NFT Marketplace Packed Full Of Features

While Ethereum gets most of the attention when it comes to NFTs, there are some amazing projects that are building products that are 10x better.

Phantasma has been one of my favs for a while now and their main NFT marketplace Ghostmarket has some of the best features of any NFT market on any chain.


0:00:00 Setup
0:00:08 Welcome Vincent Geneste
0:01:16 About GhostMarket
0:02:50 Multi Chain Marketplace
0:05:19 The Balancing Act
0:07:11 Currently Suporting
0:09:08 Out Shine The Competition
0:11:45 Even With ERC 1155
0:13:33 Launching A Token
0:15:15 Find Out About Ghostmarket

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Phantasma Chain is a fast, secure and scalable blockchain solution that allows for interoperability with other blockchains while maintaining a decentralized governance system. With an innovative staking mechanism and dual token system, it allows for users to access dierent digital goods & services in the areas of communication, entertainment, marketplace and storage. Our goal is to create an ecosystem of dApps that people actually want to use, all under the same economic system. In this whitepaper, we are diving deep into the dierent features of the Phantasma Chain and its proposed use cases, in order to spark some ideas into the minds of brilliant developers all over the world that want to build platforms and businesses using blockchain technology.

Build the best
decentralized ecosystem
for people to go to and
access the best that
blockchain technology
has to offer!
We are building an
ecosystem for people to
find different blockchain
products and services,
anywhere and anytime.
I. Core Concepts
Phantasma Chain will allow infinite side chains to be deployed. Every dApp on Phantasma
Chain can run on its own side chain independently from all other side chains. This removes
the risk that one single dApp could shut down the whole network whenever it is being
Our Blockchain can validate 10k transactions per block (the maximum block size may be
changed in the future to improve network performance). This capacity not only applies to the
main chain, but also to every single side chain, which means that every side chain will be able
to achieve the same maximum TPS independently from both the main chain and all the other
side chains.
As a result, the maximum total TPS of Phantasma Chain is the amount of side chains plus the
main chain multiplied by the maximum TPS of each chain. Infinite side chains coupled with
the inter-chain technology Phantasma implements in its network will allow for all chains to
be connected, which will give developers the power they need to build revolutionary dApps
with the supported languages C#, Java, Solidity and Python (support for additional
programming languages will be added later).
II. Governance Token Supply
The Phantasma Chain governance token is called “SOUL” and has an initial maximum supply
of 94,000,000 tokens.
SOUL governs the decentralized network of Phantasma Chain, as the staking function gives
users and developers the right to use network resources, as well as providing them with a
democratic way to choose the network validators that are powering the Phantasma Chain via
its on-chain voting mechanism.
Furthermore, to sustain improvements to the Phantasma Chain ecosystem for years to come,
we have introduced an inflation added to the maximum supply of 94,000,000 SOUL. The
inflation is solely to be used to maximize the quality of the ecosystem and for sustained
incentivization of developers to build dApps on Phantasma

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