NFT Based Prediction Market With BIG Prizes

Deciding an outcome or what we call “prediction markets” are not a new thing. Auger is the best known crypto based prediction market, but it is lacking in several ways.

The team at Reality Cards take the concept and infuse it with NFTs to make a fun game that can pay off in BIG prizes and rare collectible NFTs.

You gotta check out this incredibly unique NFT use case that I “predict” will blow you away!


00:00:00 Start Of Show
00:00:59 Andrew Stanger Story
00:04:11 A Lot Of Guts
00:04:54 Sparked The NFT Idea
00:06:17 About Reality Cards
00:09:46 To Repeat
00:11:43 The Longest Owner
00:13:03 Stragitize Differently
00:13:28 Who Makes The NFT
00:15:08 DeFi Artists
00:16:06 Might Be Harsh
00:17:11 Different Artists Future
00:17:53 Any Last Bits

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