NFTs Are Coming To VR Metaverses In A BIG Way

The current VR experience is a bit bulky, but as hardware catches up with software blockchain will power the next generation of VR metaverses and you can bet that NFTs wil play a huge part.

I preview a VR game on Steam that is incorporating NFTs into their existing game and moving towards future metaverse experiences.

Check out VAIL VR:

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0:00:33 Intro
0:02:26 About VAIL VR
0:03:29 VAIL Trailer
0:04:45 Trailer Review
0:06:20 Website & Party
0:07:48 Six Different Breads
0:08:44 Future NFTs
0:09:26 Breakdown

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AEXLAB, a virtual reality technology studio, will be dropping VAILENS on the Metadrop platform on November 30, 2021.

VAILENS will be 3D AI-generated virtual reality (VR) pets existing as blockchain-based NFTs and central to AEXLAB’s upcoming game VAIL VR. The official auction of VAILENS begins on November 30, where the team plans to mint unique assets distinguished by, among other attributes, appearance. These differentiating features are randomly generated by AEXLAB’s proprietary AI algorithm.

Out of the capped supply, 10,800 VAILENS will be available for auction participants. According to AEXLAB, VAIL VR will be their premier project designed to showcase their technological capability. In addition, the VAIL VR multiplayer servers will go live on November 26, with players who sign up gaining access.

The VR game is a competitive multiplayer FPS tactical game where gamers have to collaborate during combat. Besides gaming, the VAIL VR game will evolve into a social platform. Players can indulge in other interests such as creating art, hosting events, or generating other VR assets.

AEXLAB has also indicated that they currently focus on releasing creator tools for more creative flexibility while pushing the metaverse’s boundaries.

The story of AEXLAB begins with Jonathan Ovadia, the co-founder, back in 2015. As an avid video gamer, he saw the potential in the industry and aimed to create what would be the largest virtual reality empire. From his vision, the goal was to leverage the opportunities presented by the metaverse. As such, this meant building to actualize his dreams.

Despite initial challenges around funding—which nearly bankrupted Jonathan in 2020, he eventually succeeded in crowd-funding, raising enough capital in February 2021 from thousands of investors who saw potential in his project.

The AEXLAB project now stands tall, supported by the co-founder’s vision of creating a truly interactive gaming platform that brings communities together while forging genuine relationships. It is an independent virtual reality (VR) studio.

In the words of the co-founder:

“What makes AEXLAB stand out among the rest is the love and trust our team puts into this project. Being the only independent VR studio, we know we have our work cut out for us. However, we have the freedom to create, making the impossible possible. Together, our community is building the virtual world that no one saw coming.”

In recent times, especially following the rebranding of Facebook to Meta and the announcement of their heavy investment in the sphere to realize a vibrant metaverse, interest in virtual and augmented reality has been rekindled. The participation from the social media giant, especially, would draw more capital and more investment to metaverse development. Out of this expansion, players and developers might get a raw deal in solutions forwarded by centralized entities.

Cognizant of the power community and the importance of decentralization as an end-user-focused platform, AEXLAB is building a product-centered on its fans. Their inspiration is based on their previous successes. The VR technology studio has raised over $1 million in an ongoing Reg CF campaign on StartEngine from the community. Based on this experience, AEXLAB understands the value of the community in building a valuable company. According to Elizabeth Ann Clark, the studio’s Chief Creative Officer, their first step in creating a new experience for their products involves reaching out to the community for id

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