Pact is why Kadena will be The Future of Digital Value

What is Pact? introduction to Pact​. Pact is an open-source programming language for writing smart contracts. It’s designed from the ground up to support the unique challenges of developing solutions to run on a blockchain. Pact empowers developers to create robust and high-performance logic for transactions. It facilitates execution of mission-critical business operations quickly and effectively. Pact is the key piece that will separate Kadena from all other blockchains. Once you begin to understand how powerful pact is. Only then can you begin to understand why Kadena will be so powerful.

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0:00 Crypto Alert. Pact is the Smart Contract Language of the Future.
2:00 Stuart Popejoy is the CEO and Founder of Kadean.
3:00 Stuart Popejoy Explaining Pact in 2017.
5:30 The Mindset behind Pact.
7:10 This is worse this is better Ethereums Mindset.
8:30 Solidity Coding Language is a Hot Mess.
9:30 Why is Pact So Powerful?
10:30 Pact uses Z3 Technology or It Used to? I think it still does?
12:01 Dont Miss this Part. MUST WATCH!!
16:01 I do not Shill Kadena. I Educate!
18:00 Why am I so Bullish On Kadena?

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