PRIVATE: Docushield AMA : WhiteList Alpha MVP Sneak Peek

THE FILECOIN & ARWEAVE of Kadena! AKA The worlds SAFEST Decentralized Storage Network! I’m doing a Private AMA so I can get some whitelist spots and hook the squad up. I am only able to get 10 whitelist spots and you MUST be able to KYC. Please check the PRIVATE telegram for more details. Happy Tuesday Crypto fam! #doc #docushield #kadena
Docushield is a decentralized platform that runs on the Kadena Blockchain. Kadena,
known for its unlimited scalability and uber secure programming language “Pact”,
will be the chain of the future. Kadena allows for interoperability between all
things online and offline, on chain and off chain, and will become the backbone of
the metaverse that awaits us

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All Memberships are the same! The only difference is the Multiplier! When we do Air Drops! If you win. You win more prizes and perks!

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5:00 What is Docushield
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