PRIVATE: How to Read Github to tell if a Project is a Scam or Rug Pulls

What is Github? How can we use github to do research into crypto projects and see if they are legit or if they are just blowing smoke to pump there shat coin! At a high level, GitHub is a website and cloud-based service that helps developers store and manage their code, as well as track and control changes to their code. To understand exactly what GitHub is, you need to know two connected principles:
Version control
In this article, we’ll first explain those two principles. Then, we’ll dig into more about GitHub and how you can actually use GitHub to work with WordPress and/or Kinsta.
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0:00 What is Github?
5:00 How does Github Work?
20:00 How to Spot Scam Crypto Projects?

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Auto Forex Trading – The Highlight of Capturing Good Trades and Placing Trade Faster and Easier

The 2 popular patterns in vehicle Foreign exchange trading nowadays are: function on capturing high possibility professions and to make the entire trading experience a bit easier as well as swifter. All expert traders would certainly know that there is no forever-win kind of trading, long-term revenues are seldom ensured. But statistically if Foreign exchange investors try to concentrate on placing the low risk trades that has high possibility of winning.

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