PRIVATE Kadena: KDSwap: The #1 DEX Pad Built on Kadena

Kadena’s #1 Launch Pad KDL has just announced they will be adding there own GAS FEE DEX! This is a GAME CHANGER! IF AND ONLY IF THEY DO NOT DO THIS?????

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$2.99 + 1x Air Drop Multiplier!
$4.99 + 2x Air Drop Multiplier!
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All Memberships are the same! The only difference is the Multiplier! When we do Air Drops! If you win. You win more prizes and perks!

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0:00 KD-SWAP Review
0:30 KD-SWAP The #1 Dex On Kadena
5:00 What is KDSWAP?
46:00 KD-SWAP Tokenomics!
51:00 KD-Swap Price Predictions

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